At Lusowest high quality wines are a must and at all different price levels. We constantly search for the best wines we can find with quality being our driving focus. Our wines are sourced from some of the best, quality conscious producers in Portugal and for the first time are being imported into the UK market exclusively by Lusowest.

Our Portuguese wine portfolio is extensive and includes wines from various regions of Portugal. It is the most extensive one ever offered to the UK market at very competitive prices. Soon we will be able to offer a wide range of very high quality Portuguese Sparkling Wines as well some top Portuguese Liquors and Spirits.

Unlike some wines which are made up from a blend of different regions and countries, our wines are region specific, produced entirely from Portuguese casts - each producer using only grapes grown in their own demarcation region. The Portuguese government insist on strict controls by the Institute IVV and so quality is assured.

In addition to this they are all bottled in the traditional way using high quality Portuguese cork, as Portugal is known as one of the world producers of cork, as opposed to the now very common screw cap that is used by many wine producers.

All our wine producers have gained awards at national and international levels and some of these wines are surprisingly priced similar to what you would pay for non-awarded wines. Even our table wines are of a high quality. Please scroll down the page to view our exclusive and extensive list of Sparkling Wines. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

MURGANHEIRA - The tradition of Portuguese wines and sparkling wines.

Inimitable tastes and aromas which nature has offered and which men have known how to fine-tune over time. Ideal for marking a special commemoration. Excellent for accompanying any meal. Perfect for completing an unforgettable moment.

The fertile land of the Valley of Varosa is the birthplace of Murganheira wines and sparkling wines which have always been associated with the highest quality standards. Here, where the Douro and the Beira meet, there are excellent climacteric and geological conditions conducive to the birth of the most intense tastes and aromas. The result is superior quality wines based on the best Portuguese sparkling wines. Murganheira, founded over 50 years ago, has combined the virtues of mother nature with an age-old wisdom, asserting itself on the market with wines and sparkling wines of proven quality nationally and internationally.

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Murganheira Velha Reserva Bruto 2002 75cl

Malvasia Fina Bruto 2005 75cl

Murganheira Rose Bruto 2006 75cl

Murganheira Reserva Bruto 2005 75cl


The prestige of the wines from de Lamego region, which dates back to the 16th century, was definitively established with the sparkling wines produced by Raposeira, a company founded more than 100 years ago.

Studies carried out at the time by company's owners in the famous Champagne region in France, combined with a series of trials performed in Lamego by the company, were instrumental in creating the personality of some of Portugal's most esteemed sparkling wines.

Lamego, a land of great nobility that holds a significant place in Portuguese history, was, accordingly, the birthplace oh this wine. Even though the raw material comes from the original Champagne grape varieties, this wine has made its mark as a quintessentially Portuguese product.

Raposeira has, over the years, achieved a solid market position, thanks to the high quality of the sparkling wines produced. This quality has provided the company's wines with almost constant leadership of the Portuguese market.

Raposeira selects, transports and converts the grapes into wine employing the utmost care, the highest levels of professionalism and meticulous quality control.

Each production stage is closely monitored by wine experts, whose scientific knowledge incorporates a century of accumulated experience.

The second fermentation process is performed in the bottle according to the traditional champagne, or classic method. The wine and the natural fermenting agents undergo a meticulous process of evolution where humidity, light and temperature levels are fundamental.

The remuage, disgorging and fortification procedures, which are always performed by highly experienced technicians, complete the process of creating these sparkling wines, giving them a final touch of class.

Raposeira sparkling wines incorporate the intense character of the Beira-Douro region. They are a tribute to the unmistakable flavours of the land and the persistence of its people.

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Raposeira Reserva Bruto - Bronze 75cl

Raposeira Reserva Meio Seco - Bronze 75cl

Raposeira Rose Nova 75cl


The Cantanhede Winery Co-op (CWC) was established in 1954 and is the result of a wish of a group of winegrowers determined to create the conditions to value and make profitable the high potential that was already recognized in the Cantanhede terroir. In this municipality, where viticulture dates back to the Roman period, we find the main wine production area of the Bairrada Demarcated Region.

Currently it counts with around 1400 associated winegrowers, representing a total area of 2000 hectares of vineyards; this winery is the largest producer in the region, producing around 25 to 30% of the total production.

Its dimension and subsequent responsibility taken by it in the context of the demarcated region to which it belongs, soon required that the path to follow was that of praising the typical varietals of this region, investing in the production of wine of greater quality. In the beginning it was only sold in bulk and only nine years after having been established and against the entire cooperative sector, this winery begins, before any other, to sell its bottled wines, trying to find an alternative for the differentiation of the wines from Cantanhede.

The strategy chosen soon showed results. Nowadays this winery certifies more than half of its production with Bairrada Appellation of Origin, achieving an outstanding leading role in this segment and, more recently, also in the Regional Beiras Wines.

Currently its production policy is based on an old assumption, which includes a strong investment in the Portuguese varietals, especially from Bairrada, its protection, promotion and distribution. In this context, it should be highlighted the red varietal Baga and the white varietals Bical and Maria Gomes, which are being used to produce new styles of wines, the result of both their particular characteristics and also a permanent effort to update the winemaking processes. We believe that in this way we are able to offer to the final consumer a new chance to choose by differentiation.

If updating the winemaking processes represents a permanent concern, the same happens with the accompaniment of all processes from the Vine to the Winery. In this context we appear, amongst our counterparts, as one of the first companies to have established an Associates Help Service for the Production in Integrated Protection, which is a production system which values the Respect and Non-aggression of the environment. Presently it is being carried out an evolution for the Integrated Production, which aims at having a wider knowledge and a quality control in every stage of the production process from the Vineyard to the Bottle. Another result of this concern is the strategic partnership established with BIOCANT (a company located in Cantanhede, focused on the scientific research in the Biotechnology field) at the R&D level, through which it is aimed to achieved a deeper knowledge of the genome of our main varietals, the main diseases that usually affect them and possible solutions for their most effective protection, always bearing in mind their appreciation and distinction as well as ensuring an effective protection of their identity and individuality.

The consolidation of the philosophy that guides our production process and the implemented strategy to put into practice culminated, more recently, with the award of the Quality Certificate issued by NP EN ISO 9001:2000 and the implementation of HACCP.

The external market represents nowadays almost 20% of the turnover, with the presence of our products in the most demanding worldwide markets, with a special remark to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada, amongst many others. As far as the external market is concerned, it is worth mentioning the establishment in 2003 of the company «Beiras Alimentar», in Mozambique, aimed at creating in that former Portuguese colony a platform that allowed working more directly with the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa.

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Bical - White Reserve 2005 75cl
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Marquês de Marialva - Reserve 75cl

Situated on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, in the province of Extremadura, which is near the Capital Lisbon, the Winery is a cooperative of producers with 60 years of history in the production of wine. Inserted in an area totalling 800 hectores of vines, it currently has a production of 7 million litres of wine, constituting 70% white and 30% red.

In each harvesting at the Winery reception, the grapes are separated by species and varieties. For processing, the Winery has equipment and technology in accordance with the existing concepts of production of quality wines. The "Terroir" of the region and its Atlantic component allies to the concepts used in the creation of wine and provides conditions of excellence for the production of white and sparkling quality wine, which is fresh and aromatic.


Confraria Arinto Sparkling Dry White Wine (Reserve) 75cl
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Confraria Moscatel Sparkling Medium Dry White Wine (Reserve) 75cl
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